P is for Pat and Pete

Not a lot of people know this but I am terrified of dogs. I have been terrified my entire life. Mainly because almost all dogs can smell the scent of fear on me and then they decide to chase me. I have had numerous occasions where I have been chased by dogs.

When I was a kid, I was chased getting off the bus to walk home and on my way to the bus on my way to school. The most vivid memory was when a dog chased me on my bike and I feel off into a puddle of water. I was utterly terrified. IMAG0048_BURST002 IMAG0056_1

When I was in college, I had to walk through a place called Holcomb gardens to get back to my campus apartment. Many people also walk their dogs in that garden as well. So I would be chased almost every day.

So if you haven’t guessed already, I am a certified cat person. I absolutely love cats. When I was kid, I wanted to be rich so that I could be a cat lady.  Sounds weird but that is how much I love them.  Since 2004, I have not been without a cat. Before I had kids, they were my babies.

The first cat I ever had was in the third grade. We named her Randi. She was a kitten when we got her and I would stay up all night with her as she whined and cried. And held her kept her company.

IMG_3155My dad was never a fan of cats so when she passed away he was in no rush to get a new one. Fortunately, for me there were many stray cats in our neighborhood so I would always feed them and play with them. This pissed my dad off. He didn’t like cats surrounding our house all the time.

Years later, when I was a sophomore in high school my mom talked my dad into getting another cat. He was all white and very pretty. He was happy, healthy little boy.  Ironically, the only person in the house that didn’t like him (my dad) was the one to name him. Coconut.  He grew to be a very large strong muscular cat. People would get freaked out when they saw him. He looked like a lion and not a regular domestic housecat.

After I left and went to college my boyfriend I adopted another cat named Pepper. She was sweet and devilish all at the same time. She suffered from mental issues but we didn’t know. She would attack anyone even us and we raised her from a tiny kitten. She passed away tragically. She went blind only after a year old and we had to put her down. I was devastated.  After her, I was lonely. I missed cuddling with my kitty.  I went home to visit my IMAG0036parents and they said a friend of theirs has a stray that needed a home. I talked my husband into going to pick up the cat. Our new little bundle of joy was named cotton because she really looked like a big cotton ball.

We added a new cat to the mix named nickels he was a talkative cat and always had something to say. I loved him very much but he got out and I am convinced someone Pete and Pattook him.

Therefore, we just had cotton to care for and we loved her to death. She was so sweet and adventurous. In 2010, my mom passed away. One of her prized possessions that she had was this gorgeous orange kitten. My mom always wanted a cat that looked Morris from the nine lives bag. This little boy kitten was sure to grow up looking like him.  So, because my dad hated cats, I took the baby in and raised him. We had to formula feed him with a bottle every day. Then we had to wean him off bottles into solid foods. We named him Pat after my mom Patricia who was also called Patt.

IMAG0062When we moved to California, we knew we couldn’t fly with two cats so we re-homed Cotton to a friend of mine who loves cats just as much as I do. She promised to take IMG_3187care of cotton and she updates me on her well-being. It was an opened adoption and when I am ever in Indianapolis, I go to visit her.

Recently we adopted another little kitten and named him Pete. He is a lunatic running all over the house. Jumping on us randomly.  My daughters couldn’t be happier. They didn’t like that Pat was more like me. He chilled on the couch with me, watched me write and even watches cat shows like My cat from Hell and Cats 101 with me.Watching Cat 101

Our house feels completely full now. We love our cats and they love us.

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