I did not start out as a novelist. I did not start out as a short story writer. I first began to write as a poet. I started writing poetry when I was a child. It was one of the first things I wrote. There were the short stories now and then. There was a moment in time where I wrote short stories around the sixth grade. After that in my teenage years my focus was on poetry.

Poems were my go to in writing. In school I’d write poems about teenage angst, depression and unrequited love. My senior year in high school I wrote a poem in Spanish for fun. I happened to show it to my Spanish teacher at the time and she made sure to include it in an anthology that the city was putting together of high school students.Poetry Book 1

When I was a teenager my attention span was only capable of producing poetry. It was my only method of releasing my teenage emotions and smothered pain that had no other outlet. As I grew, I let my poetic self fade and the novelist in me took over.

My ultimate goal was to be a novelist. I felt that as I got older my brain began to process more things and I was able to focus on larger projects. I started my first novel at the age of 22. It took me until the age of 27 to actually publish that novel (but that’s another story for another time.)

The origin of my writer self was developed as a poet.

Recently I have found myself again looking for an outlet that my novels did not give me.  I love writing my novels but I felt like my writing was not expressing how I felt. I was able to capture my characters and the emotions they were feeling but they were not my own. That is when I thought back to a time in my life when I could best express myself.

That time involved poetry.Poetry Book.jpg

Then to reinforce what I had been feeling, I attended the Writers of Kern Spring Conference. The first speaker was a poet and his talk about poetry sparked the poet in me again.  I wanted to get back to that place where happy or sad I could express my personal self like I did when I was younger.

I want to get back to where my writing began. Where I started.

My Origin.

3 thoughts on “Origin

  1. I too was inspired after Mr. Woodman’s presentation at the conference. I spoke briefly with Matthew about his poetry class at CSUB. He said he was open to people auditing his class, and would actually provide feedback on what they wrote. Great opportunity to get awesome feedback……

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