“What an amazing feeling to be around people you can be open with,” a short little old lady said to me.

A very eclectic group and I were visitors at the Los Angeles Southwest College in LA. My goal was to meet and hear from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

There were people from Kern County, LA County, Orange county and many different areas in California. We were all visitors together for the same reason.

I arrived an hour and a half before the event was supposed to start. There was already a significant line of people waiting. The line of people went down the street,  around a few campus buildings and back toward the front. I joined the Hillary supporters in line excited about this opportunity.12994518_10100396104695022_3627782347186774506_n

An hour into our wait and our spirits were still up. Everyone laughed and talked and took pictures. I had a feeling I was a part of quite a few people’s selfies.

There was a group of women laughing and talking like they were the best of friends. You can tell they came to the event together. Their good spirits called to me and I migrated toward them.

“Can I see your sign?” I asked them. One of the ladies pulled out the sign tucked protectively under her arm.  I laughed when I saw it.

“Little Old Ladies for Hillary.” It said. “That’s great.” I replied. “If you like this one you will love my other sign.”

She pulled it out and I doubled over with laughter. “Badass Little Old Ladies for Hillary.”

I was astonished at what an amazingly diverse crowd there. Black, white, women, men, children, gay, straight, bisexual, transgendered, native born and immigrants. Near me was a group of young college students from LA eager to meet the former first lady. They wore matching Hillary for president T-shirts

Two hours in and the sun began to zap all of our energy.

The sun was settled directly over head and some people huddled in small corners trying to absorb all the shade they could get.

I stood talking to the “Little Old Ladies” and a few other people.13006475_10100396104405602_5042144540691765390_n

“I always wanted to be in politics,” I said. “But I have some family members that aren’t very reputable and I didn’t want to put their business out there.”

“I did as well,” one of the ladies said. “Then I remembered all those naked pictures from college. I’m sure they’re still out there somewhere.”

We discussed our beliefs, our hopes for the future and our experiences during this primary cycle. A Volunteer came out  and led us in a cheer.

“When I say Madame you say President, “she said.


“PRESIDENT,” The crowd cheered.

By the end of the four hours of waiting we all were very exhausted and in low spirits. The sun didn’t have any mercy on us. People began to complain of how hungry and how tired they were.  We were also worried we wouldn’t even make it inside at all.13001163_10100396104530352_8872408680411694287_n

Well, we didn’t.

Not everyone anyway. Majority of us were shuffled into a small corner against the building. There were so many people and hundreds of us stood outside double doors wondering if we would get a glimpse of the former Sen. of New York.

Finally, the double doors opened and exiting was a mass of media and Secret Service agents. Following them was Hillary Clinton. She decided to come and speak to the overflo
w crowd before she gave her speech.

We jumped up and down, cheered and hugged each other.  Cell phones were pulled out in hopes of getting some good pictures and video. She spoke to us and with lifted our hearts our spirits. When she left we all hugged each other and vowed that we would get as many people as we could to vote for her. Then we parted ways looking forward to the future head.

2 thoughts on “Visitors

  1. Love this, Donnee, and bless your heart for taking the opportunity and then sharing it with us. I admire how you are standing up for Hillary and urging us all on in this “fight.” Love and blessings upon you. xoA

  2. Nice post—loved the little old ladies! So glad your four hours wasn’t for naught. I have a friend that lives in New Hampshire….she gets in to see everyone because there are so few people. I guess there has to be some benefit to putting up with 6 months of winter.

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